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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whiteting is a procedure applied to change color of your teeth with long lasting effect. There are several whitening methods. We recommend to consult the method tailored to your needs directly with your doctor during professional dental cleaning, that precedes the whitening process.

We provide following whitening methods:

  • Home whitening
  • Ambulant whitening with ZOOM technology
  • Combined whitening (home + ambulant)

The most effective is the combined whitening method. The process consists of 14 day home application and 1 whitening visit in our ambulance. This method provides for following benefits:

  • predictable result
  • long lasting effect
  • minimal teeth sensitivity
  • hydrogen peroxide level below 6%

After the process you will receive basic instructions on how to preserve achieved results. It is very important to keep excellent dental hygiene and thus prolong your bright smile.

We strongly recommend to have dental plaque and pigments removed at professional dental cleaning prior to whitening process.