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Dental microscope ZEISS OPMI

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Digital RTG

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Dental Microscope ZEISS OPMI pico is our right hand in the treatment. It makes the invisible visible. Tooth structures, with which we work, reach the spans of about 0.5 mm or less and it is almost impossible to distinguish them without a sufficient magnification. For root canal treatment, it is a necessity, if we want to do the treatment under visual control. The success of treatment using the operating microscope is much higher than after normal treatment.

Fotosanom treatment technology is based on the LAD (light activated disinfection). It is a combination of red light and photosensitisers. Fotosan produces intense red light of wavelength of 630 nm. Photosensitisers absorb light and take its energy in. This energy then breaks surrounding atmospheric oxygen creating two atoms and forming a reactive O-, which quickly and effectively kills microorganisms but also viruses, fungi and protozoa. This means the maximum possible disinfection of the root system and increases the long-term success of an endodontic treatment.

The next important factor of successful treatment is undoubtly the effort for the most accurate diagnostics. And this is helped by intra-oral X-ray PLANMECA by means of which we are able to reveal dental caries invisible by eyes in advance and so prevent further caries progression. 




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Eye Mag Pro ZEISS magnifiers

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PC dental software

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It is a flexible membrane that we use to isolate the teeth, which is being treated. By endodontic treatment it is most important because it prevents contamination of the root canal by bacteria in the mouth. In addition, creating a dry environment is needed for making high quality photo-composite (white) fillings. It also provides patient comfort, since he or she can normally swallow.

Detail is important, when we couln´t use microscope we use in our dental clinic fro magnification loupes from Zeiss. Regullar check ups are made with loupes, provide for higher quality and hepls us to reveal even small caries. 

Cerec is great dental system, which can hepl us to create a crown or filling (onlay, overlay) in a quite short time. The biggest adavntege is no need of impressions after drilling the tooth. Cerec has own scanner, which makes a 3D visualisation into the computer. The crown is designed, drilled, glazed and ready to serve.