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Aesthetic stomatology

People naturaly expect their teeth will not only be healthy but be also beautiful and healthy looking. Self-confident and splendid smile is becoming very important not only in personal but also in profesional life. 

Using quality aesthetic materials, we can return lost harmony to your smile. We regularly handle changes in tooth color or shape, post-accident issues, and aging symptoms.

Don't be afraid to smile!


Teeth whitening

White and splendid smile contributes to our self-confidence. There are several methods how to achieve it. The most effective method is a combination of home and ambulant whitening. Prior to whiteting we recommend to undergo professional dental cleaning, where you can directly with doctor consult whitening method tailored to your needs.


Aesthetic facets

Facets, applied to front side of front teeth, are used to rectify shape, position or color of teeth. Facets are particulary suitable to close gaps in between individual teeth or to adjust size of genetically small teeth (microdontics).